Low-Power Wake-Up Receivers for Wireless Connectivity

The AS3930/32/33 are a family of ultra-low power, low-frequency wake-up receivers that operate in the frequency range 15-150kHz. These receivers include built-in correlators that detect 16- or 32-bit programmable wake-up patterns and offer the choice of one or three receive channels. They also support both fixed and variable orientations between transmitter and receiver, offering application versatility.

The AS3935 Franklin lightning detection sensor is a specialized measurement technology that estimates the distance to the leading edge of a lightning storm. It detects both cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning waveforms, making it an ideal product solution for consumer-grade, battery-operated standalone devices and for outdoor weather stations. The AS3935 Franklin lightning detection sensor is also great for products that people can use during leisure activities, such as hiking, boating, or golf. From versatile wake-up receivers to lightning detections, PMT offers different precise measurement technologies for wireless connectivity and various applications. Call us today to place your order and speak to a team member.